FAQ’S – All your shutter questions answered!

by | Feb 8, 2024


All About Shutters  – Your Questions Are Answered!


Got a question about shutters?

You’ll probably find your answer here amongst our Frequently Asked Questions all about shutters.

We’re happy to chat in our showroom or via the phone to answer all your questions too. Our expert team have come up with the most popular shutter queries and have listed them below. Get in touch to find out more or ask a question we’ve not covered.



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Are shutters waterproof?

Our moisture-resistant bathroom window shutters are constructed of ABS which is ideal in steamy Bathrooms, Shower Rooms and En-suites.  Stainless steel hinges are standard and the panels are held shut by a plastic ball catch rather than magnets.  Our Bathroom plantation shutters are available in a range of colours with options for tilt rods or easy tilt louvres (no visible tilt rod.) We would not recommend Hardwood or MDF in a bathroom. Our ABS waterproof shutter is the product you need!


What is easy tilt?

The term ‘easy tilt’ refers to how you operate the louvres. You can open/close the shutter louvres with just a slight touch of your finger. This is a modern plantation shutter look and gives a sleek finish. Easy tilt shutters can be made in MDF, Hardwood or ABS (waterproof).


What are tilt rods?

Tilt rods are used to operate the louvres on your window shutters. Tilt rods are slim bars that are attached down the centre or to the side of the louvres. You gently push the rod up or down to open/close the louvres. This style works well on period properties and country cottages. Shutters with tilt rods can be made in MDF, Hardwood or ABS (waterproof).


What are shutters made from?

Our shutters are made from either Hardwood, craftwood (MDF) or ABS (waterproof). Each material offers different benefits. Have a chat with our expert family team to find out what plantation shutter would be most suited to you. You can find all of these plantation shutters on display at our showroom in Blaydon.


Do shutters keep your room warm?       

Yes! It has been proven that your home is warmer with plantation shutters therefore saving on your energy bills.  Having shutters at your windows can prevent the cold air from entering your room. Window shutters have fantastic insulating qualities. Whilst they keep your rooms warm in winter, they will also keep the excess heat away in summer. What better way to dress your window!


Are shutters easy to clean?

Window shutters are really easy and quick to clean. We recommend using a feather duster or cloth on the shutters. Tilt your louvres one way, then the other to dust. If you do see a mark then please don’t use any chemicals to remove it. A slightly damp cloth should do the trick!


How do you measure for shutters?

If you’re looking for an estimated price first, then all we need from you are the window sizes. Measure the height and width of the window / door opening and we can get you a quote without having to arrange a home visit. Don’t worry –  when you’re ready to go ahead we’ll measure up accurately  and fit your plantation shutters using the same craftsman to complete the job from start to finish. If you prefer to have an initial home visit before your final measure then we can arrange that too. We have samples we can show you or you can arrange a visit to our North East shutter showroom to see a wider range of shutter options, all in full size panels that you’re able to operate.


What is a sliding track shutter?

Our tracked shutters are ideal on wide windows and doorways making them the perfect choice to dress Bi-Fold Doors, French Doors and Patio Doorways as well as extra wide windows. Bi-folding pairs of panels sit within our sliding track system allowing total control of the light and privacy within your home.

The panels can be folded to either side of the opening giving multiple options so if you just want to open your external door to pop outside then there’s no need to completely fold open all of the panels. Tracked Shutters are full height so during the cold winter months they will really help to keep your room warmer, acting as an additional layer of insulation.

Tracked Shutters can also be used as a Room Divider, brilliant for today’s open plan living as you can then choose to close off areas of your home when needed.


Do you fit blackout shutters?

Although shutters keep your room significantly darker at night than blinds do, they are not classed as blackout. We do however offer an integrated blackout blind that is fitted to your shutter frame between the panel and the glass. Integrated black out blinds ensure your room is in complete darkness. You’ll not believe your eyes! In fact, you’ll not see eyes, you’ll not see anything! It is pitch black to allow you the perfect nights sleep. You can find more information on our blackout shutter range here.


Can I have a custom colour?

Your window shutters can be any colour you like! We offer an exclusive colour matching service where we can match any paint colour from Farrow & Ball, Dulux and RAL. There is a charge for a custom colour but it is a one off standard charge, no matter how many plantation shutters you order. So if you want Barbie pink shutters or a country sage green then we can do it! Our standard colour range is on show at our shutter showroom in Blaydon.


Can I open the shutters?

Yes! Plantation shutters are fitted to your window recess in a frame. The panels open up to the left or right, allowing you access to your windows with ease. If you’re planning on keeping the shutter panels open completely through the day then we would recommend a Hardwood shutter as it is lightweight. The louvres on your shutter panels open up either by using the tilt rods or a touch of the finger, depending on the style you opt for. You can also request ‘split tilt operation.’ This is where the top and bottom louvres operate separately, meaning you have greater control over light and privacy. Come to our North East shutter showroom and operate full size shutters to get a feel for the real thing!


Can you install shutters on doorways?

Absolutely! They can be installed to patio doors, bi-fold doors and even used as room dividers. Sliding track shutters are the ideal solution to cover your doorway with a modern look. Bi-folding tracked shutters for doorways can be crafted in our full range of shutter materials – Hardwood, MDF & ABS. You can style them with tilt rods or opt for the ‘easy tilt’ look which offers a more modern look for plantation shutters. We have a doorway shutter on display at our North East shutter showroom, you can make an appointment to come and visit us.


Do shutters keep your room dark at night?

Plantation shutters block out most of the light when closed. You’ll be able to get a better nights sleep with shutters at your windows. Although there will be a small bit of light bleeding through where the louvres are, they are still significantly darker than blinds. We also offer an integrated blackout blind range called ‘shutter & shade’. This blackout blind is attached to your shutters and is fitted between the shutter and the glass. If you’re looking for the ultimate blackout blind, make this your choice. It is pitch black!


What are shutter blinds?

‘Shutter blinds’ is a term used by many to describe Plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are interior shutters for your windows. They are fitted to your window openings and transform your home adding kerb appeal and bringing many benefits. They are a high end product, an alternative to blinds that offer elegance and the wow factor. Plantation shutter blinds are available in Hardwood, MDF (craftwood) or ABS (waterproof).